Iyengar Yoga


Iyengar Yoga

The Integrated and Holistic Path to Health

The Effective and Scientifically Investigated System of Yoga, validated by Empirical Evidence

By Tommijean Tomas, BenjaminA.Tomas, B.S.

Paperback: 538 pages

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Tommijean Thomas, Ph.D. and Ben Thomas, Senior Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers with over 30 years of practice, present a method/approach to Iyengar Yoga that has been scientifically validated and proven effective in a pre/post research study of newcomers to yoga. The significant positive results assessed after eleven weeks of training continue to increase over time and include physical, medical, psychological, and spiritual gains. The Thomas’ conducted and present three additional research studies that show convincingly that Iyengar Yoga practitioners who train extensively and for a considerable period of time will make statistically greater gains in medical, physical, psychological and spiritual benefits and effects than practitioners training over brief and less intense periods.

The step-by-step approach in this Thomas text is easy to follow and contains pertinent material that will be useful for newcomers to yoga, seasoned yoga practitioners, and professional yoga teachers.

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