Nutrition in Sport


Nutrition in Sport

By George Neumann

Paperback: 208 pages

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The increase in false nutrition in industrial nations in recent times is exacerbated by a simultaneous tendency to a more sedentary lifestyle. A sensible solution to this dilemma is for people to do more sport. Increased physical activity however calls for changes in eating habits about which there is a great need for more information. “Nutrition in Sport” provides this information.

The main objective of sports nutrition is to secure the body’s ability to deal with strain, to process that strain (adaptation) and to recover quickly. There are no instant recipes for success in sports nutrition, but there is sufficient scientifically tested know-ledge about nutritional physiology which individuals can use as a reserve to improve performance.

This book does not deliver the dietary recipes but rather makes recommendations for physiologically useful dietary planning before, during and after strain in the various sports. The book examines risk-prone groups in sports nutrition. The emphasis is on presenting the latest research on the effects of carbohydrates and proteins and other active substances, such as vitamins and minerals, on performance training.

Particular attention is also paid to the intake of food and fluids under special conditions as training in heat, in the cold and at high altitudes. The author gives concrete advice on the additional intake of energy suppliers and active substances that are indispensable and permissible on modern performance training. Performance improvement through doping is rejected. Also covered in this book are aspects of weight regulation, “outsider” diets, vegetarianism and sport for diabetics.

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