The secret of Yogic Healing

By Atreya

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Prana is the life force that vitalizes everything in the universe. Ultimately, it is the energy of consciousness itself, responsible for all movement in this conscious world. All systems of medi­cine work through some aspect of prana, even if they do not understand what it is. While allopathic medicine does not rec­ognize prana as an entity in itself, prana still affects our vitality in various ways, which allopathic medicine may describe as cir­culation or homeostasis. Therefore, one could say that all heal­ing is pranic healing.

Naturalistic systems of medicine are based upon an under­standing of the life force and how to keep it in balance. Prana itself, which is a Sanskrit word-meaning vital force, is the basis of Ayurveda, the traditional natural healing system of India. Ayurveda means the science (veda) of life (ayur). Ayur, life, itself is a synonym for prana. Ayurveda is a pranic medicine and all its therapies are based upon a recognition of the life force and the various means to balance it.

Pranic healing also relates to the system of Yoga. Yoga is not just a system of exercise, or even of meditation. It is a way of working with the subtle energies of body and mind, the fore­most of which is prana. The yogic science of Pranayama and its various breathing exercises are based upon understanding prana and how to work with it. Without a development of prana, we cannot go far on any yogic path. We will simply lack the vital­ity to pursue it.

Natural systems of medicine use various substances as ve­hicles for prana, such as food or herbs. These are defined ener­getically according to their heating and cooling attributes, or their elements and qualities; that is, according to how they af­fect our prana. Both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have these systems of classifications. All the different diets and herbs pre­scribed are done to affect the vital force in a specific manner.

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