Stretching and Flexibility


Stretching and Flexibility

By Kit Laughlin

Paperback: 270 pages

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Kit’s new book Stretching and Flexibility will change your way of thinking about flexibility and will certainly improve the way you go about achieving it. Everyone will find exercises to suit his or her body type and level of flexibility. —from the foreword by Greg Chappell Everyone knows that stretching is good for you, for all sorts of reasons—but the most important one is rarely mentioned. Stretching feels great to do and leaves you feeling wonderful. How to get the most out of this aspect of stretching is part of what the book is about. No matter whether you’re an office worker wondering how to stretch that tight spot between your shoulders and neck or a martial artist wanting to do side-splits, this is the book for you. Or possibly you’re a weekend athlete and you want to know how to get more whole-body rotation to improve your golf swing. Perhaps you’ve just finished gardening, or the housework and you want to know how to relax your back. Or maybe you simply want to know what’s the best way to stretch your hamstrings. Whatever your interest in stretching, this book will provide the techniques you need, from the easiest exercises to the most difficult. It is organised into 15 lessons, plus an ‘unnumbered’ one which you can do any time to check your progress. The book features:

  • 96 stretching exercises, plus additional warm-up movements
  • exercises which use the Contract–Relax (C–R) method
  • advanced stretching movements
  • exercises for all parts of the body, including hands and feet
  • exercises for athletes, grouped by sports
  • exercises shown in partner and solo versions
  • over 700 photographs
  • many illustrations of key anatomical details

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