Teaching Yoga


Teaching Yoga

Exploring the Teacher – Student Relationship

By Donna Farhi

Paperback: 178 Pages (CD Included)

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In Teaching Yoga, Donna Farhi addresses the growing need within the Yoga com-munity to establish professional standards of conduct and training for Yoga teachers. Drawing on decades of teaching experience, she explores with compassion and clarity the complex questions that lie at the heart of the teacher–student relationship:

■ As a Yoga teacher, how do you respond to the many roles you are called upon to play—health care adviser, personal confidante, spiritual mentor, physical therapist?

■ How can you create healthy boundaries for yourself and your students, and maintain a safe, supportive environment?

■ How do you deal with a difficult student or a question of ethics?

Woven throughout Teaching Yoga are examples of challenging situations from Donna’s personal experience that she calls “Ethical Inquiries.” In the Teacher’s Workbook section, she presents additional Ethical Inquiries that are both practical and provocative and invites you to discuss these issues with your friends and colleagues. This section alone makes the book ideal for teacher training!

BONUS CD: “Holding a Heart in Our Hands” Hear Donna Farhi speak about Yoga ethics at Yoga Spirit 2002, a Yoga conference held in Lake George, New York. 74:20 minutes.

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