Yoga Alignment: Principals and Practices


Yoga Alignment

Principals and Practice

An anatomical guide to alignment, postural mechanics and prevention of yoga injuries

By Steven Weiss

Paperback: 270 pages

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There are many, well-written anatomy texts that describe which muscles are being engaged in each posture. This book, however, is truly unique. It goes far beyond anatomy and explores the essential and fundamental principles that correctly align the body in every pose. Its insightful tips and answers to many common questions are clear and concise, easy to understand, and reflect the essence of yogic philosophy.

This is the second edition of popular book, The Injury-Free Yoga Practice. All styles and all levels of yoga are supported, enabling each student to advance and deepen their practice. Skills and tools to prevent injury and how to use asana therapeutically help yoga deliver on its promise of being a system of health, vitality, and restoration.

A wonderful book! It has the answers to many unanswered questions. Written from the heart with much insight relevant for a yoga teacher, both in its notions of anatomy and its attitude towards yoga. This is the anatomy book that every yoga teacher should have!

– Francesca (Omkari) Folonari, Sivananda YogalnCentro-Firenze, Italy

Steven Weiss’ book has been a great gift to our studio. It is a primary resource for our 200-hour and 300-hour training programs. Dr Weiss has done an amazing job in putting all of his experience and knowledge into this clearly written text. There are great diagrams and pictures that help illustrate various postures and anatomical references. Few anatomy for yoga texts will address specific concerns and injuries that occur by practicing incorrectly or too forcefully. This book goes beyond safety measures to include specific therapeutic techniques for injuries and structural imbalances. Everything is easy understand and to put into practice. It provides everything a teacher or student needs for practicing yoga and remaining injury free, finding ease, sukha and experiencing the “yoga of being”.

– Priscilla Potter, Director, Yoga Connection, Tucson, Arizona

… a value beyond words. It is essential in my personal growth, as well as key learning material in all my teacher training programs. Students and facilitators alike are able to break down and understand such a complex subject as well as continue to learn and grow with diverse material. Steven makes learning anatomy simple and practical! I have so many anatomy books that just sit on my shelf and never get opened. This one is so functional and relevant that it’s my go-to resource of knowledge.

– Alice Hong, International Yoga Teacher, Calgary, Alberta Canada

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