Yoga and Breast Cancer


Yoga and Breast Cancer

A journey to health and healing

By Ingrid Kollak & Isabell Utz-Billing

Paperback: 174 pages

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“Like a barely perceptibly rising inclined plane, the book very gently lifts the breast cancer and post-breast cancer patient toward a realistic sense of well-being and inevitable joy with the improved health and accompanies it (the) elegant pictures, simple contraindications, and thoughtful directions bear witness to the unassuming confidence and serenity with which the book was written, and that may be quite contagious’’.

— LOREN M. FISHMAN, MD, author of Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

“Yoga and Breast Cancer is a wonderful healing resource for breast cancer survivors. The core of this book is a series of yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditations specially sequenced and designed to help heal and nurture women’s bodies post-surgery. Based on the authors’ medical study, these yogic techniques are proven to increase flexibility and strength, reduce anxiety and pain, and to improve one’s overall mental well-being. The writing is friendly, practical and is full of informed advice and gentle encouragement. This well-thought out yoga program will be a huge gift to anyone recovering from breast cancer.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS Ingrid Kollak, RN, PhD, holds a doctorate in literature and is a registered nurse. Currently she is Professor, Alice-Salomon University of Applied Sciences (ASFH), in Berlin, and since 1995, has acted as chair, Division of Health and Nursing Management. She is well known in the United States for her work in the conceptual bases for nursing theories, and in Europe for her work on the intercultural perspectives at play in health care. She is editor of three books in the field of nursing and is the author of Yoga for Nurses. Dr Kollak authors a monthly yoga column in the German journal Health Professions,

Isabell Utz-Billing, MD, is a medical doctor in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the German Red Cross Hospital Westend in Berlin. During her residency she specialized in the diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer patients. Her interests lie in the topics of psychosocial support of patients with breast cancer.

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