Yoga for every Athlete


Yoga for every Athlete

Secrets of an Olympic Coach

By Aladar Kogler

Paperback: 316 pages

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Imagine performing the sport of your choice with the concentration, endurance and strength of an Olympic athlete! In Yoga For Every Athlete, Olympic coach Aladar Kogler, Ph.D., presents yoga exercises specifically designed to advance your performance in any of 30 different sports. Whether you train for competition or play for pleasure, your enjoyment and ability will be immeasurably enhanced with yoga practice. The benefits of yoga extend beyond athletic achievement into every aspect of your life. In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can experience a state of well-being and mastery you never imagined.

Perfect your athletic technique no matter what sport you practice

Prevent pain and injury

Maintain your skill level when practical training is impossible due to injury or travel Recover quickly after hard training and competition

Rejuvenate after a hard workout or competition

Learn how your mind works in competition

Slow the aging process

Activate your psychosomatic centers, the big joints, the spine

Recall the “winning feeling”

Load the cardiovascular system and muscles for peak performance

Activate acupuncture meridians

Harmonize organ function

Correct muscle dysbalance from one-sided training

Increase self-confidence and improve concentration

Chart your progress with a training diary

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