Yoga Mastering the Basics


Yoga Mastering the Basics

By Sandra Anderson

Paperback: 242 pages

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“Simple and authentic… This is the real thing, so if you have felt frustrated and confused in your search for the simplicity and serenity of basic yoga, look no further.”

—Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., author of Radical Healing and Diet and Nutrition

“Clear, thorough, and concise. I particularly enjoyed the easy-to-use design and the graceful writing.”

—Sandra Summerfield Kozak, MS., President of International Yoga Studies

“A well-illustrated, practical guide to Yoga. The student of Yoga will definitely reap the reward of exposure to this book.”

—Vijayendra Pratap, Ph.D., D.YP. Director of the Yoga Research Society

“Philosophical clarity and balance are woven throughout all of the very practical and precise instruction on posture, breathing, and meditation.”

—Richard Freeman, Director of The Yoga Workshop, Boulder, Colorado

“Both the novice and seasoned practitioner will find a wealth of truly helpful information on this dynamic art… A treasure trove of trustworthy information on yoga that will help you custom-tailor a yoga program to fit your own unique needs and wants.”

—Thomas Claire, author of Bodywork: What Type of Massage to Get—and How to Make the Most of It

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