Yoga for Common Aches and Pains


Yoga for Common Aches and Pains

Get Rid of Pain the Easy Way

Fast Drug-Free Pain Relief

By Fred L. Miller

Paperback: 274 pages

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Use the power of Yoga to relieve headaches, alleviate sore backs, soothe stiff necks, and ease motion discomfort in hands, wrists, and shoulders. Bestselling author and relaxation teacher Fred L. Miller has worked with physicians, chiropractors, and acupuncturists to develop a new routine that will help you work the chronic soreness from your body without drugs, doctors, or physical therapy.

Illustrated throughout, this one-of-a-kind book provides easy-to-follow pose-by-pose instructions and breathing exercises to ease your daily muscle twinges and relieve chronic aches and pains—as well as benefit your golf swing, brain power, and sex drive.

Stop suffering. Spend ten minutes a day with Yoga for Common Aches and Pains and your entire body will thank you!

Yoga for Common Aches and Pains gives you the opportunity to heal yourself from the inside out by offering specific. safe, and reliable methods for pain relief, and most importantly, pain management.

—Charles Blum, D.C., President SOTO-USA, National Chiropractic Association

I highly recommend these easy movements for pain relief.

—Mindi White, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Cardiology

Fred L. Miller has been a yoga and meditation instructor for twenty years, is certified by the American Viniyoga Institute, and conducts workshops at the Southwest Yoga Conference and Rancho La Puerta. He lectures at the UCLA School of Medicine and teaches at many retreats, workshops, and classes including Mark Bryan’s “Artist’s Way at Work” seminars. He is a columnist for LA Yoga magazine, and the author of How to Calm Down: Three Deep Breaths to Peace of Mind.

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