Athletic Ability and the Anatomy of Motion


Athletic Ability & the Anatomy of Motion

By Rolf Wirhed

Hardbound: 136 pages

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I have taught the subject of Kinetics (or the Theory of Motion) at the Orebro College of Physical Education (GIH) for a number of years. This subject deals with the mechanical laws that govern the technical execution of various exercises. During recent years, sportsmen have become increasingly interested in analysing the different aspects of, above all, technical kinds of sports (athletics, gymnastics, racket sports.

For example, instructors who train people in keeping fit are becoming more aware of the need to teach correct movements in order to increase the effect of training and reduce the risk of injury. Exercises designed to prevent injury are now an important feature of almost every sportsman’s general training. My own concern for these things was aroused by my keen interest in sports and the training I received in atomic physics which required, among other things, a knowledge of mechanics. I also studied anatomy in Uppsala so that I would better understand the mechanisms that govern the human body when it performs various movements. This book takes up ideas that are usually summarized under the heading “Biomechanics”. The lack of suitable literature has resulted in a dearth of anatomical and mechanical knowledge among sports leaders and the majority of them have felt the need for suitable literature and special sports associations have clearly expressed their desire that this need be met.

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