Anatomy colouring Book, The


Anatomy Colouring Book, The

By Wynn Kapit

Paperback: 200 pages

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This is the NEW, original ANATOMY COLORING BOOK! The illustrations have been redrawn; anatomically accurate, they have a fresh, crisp look ready for imaginative coloring. The text has been rewritten and updated; the print has been enlarged for easier reading. An index has been added for rapid referencing. A glossary of terms is a new feature, with phonetic spelling of unusual words enabling you to correctly pronounce and understand medical and anatomic terms. A new section on the Immune System has been added, introducing the, fundamentals of inflammation and immune responses in specific lymphoid organs and tissues, as well as a timely summary of the mechanism and effects of viral induced suppression of immune functions (AIDS). This book offers an opportunity to all “students” of the body, formal or informal, professional health care student/prac-titioner or not, young and senior, to achieve a working under-standing of body structure and related functions effectively and thoroughly . . . and find satisfaction doing it through active involvement in the colouring process!

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