Anatomy for Yoga


Anatomy for Yoga

An Illustrated Guide to your Muscles in Action

By Nicky Jenkins

Paperback: 144 pages

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Anatomy for Yoga beautifully illustrates how yoga strengthens your muscles and skeletal system during breathing, standing, and sitting poses, revealing to you how they work in concert to make your body strong and flexible. Each sequence includes ten to twenty poses dedicated to a specific part of the body, creating mobility and correcting imbalances. With this inside look, you’ll truly understand how yoga builds strength both in body and in mind.

  • Build your routine from basic moves to advanced poses as you progress through the book.
  • Understand through large, vibrantly illustrated diagrams how each movement strengthens your body.
  • Bring balance to your body and feel it become stronger and healthier.

NICKY JENKINS has practiced yoga for many years and is also a CHEK holistic lifestyle coach and a bodyworker.

LEIGH BRANDON is a holistic lifestyle coach and an accredited strength and conditioning coach.

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