Anatomy of Hatha Yoga


Anatomy of Hatha Yoga

A Manual for Students, Teachers and Practitioners

By David Coulter

Hardbound: 624 pages

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“Coulter uses anatomy to illuminate the structure and execution of the poses and, at the same time, brings the anatomy alive through the poses and selected exercises…. if you are a Yoga therapist or teacher, or a student who enjoys breaking down the poses and putting them back together again, then you will most definitely want a copy of this book to refer to over and over again.”

—Richard Rosen, International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Nov. 2001

“Coulter’s book is by far the most comprehensive and stands as a definitive statement on the relation-ship between yogic practice and human anatomy, as anatomy is defined in terms of Western biology and physiology.”

—J. S. Alter, Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, Dec. 2001

“(Anatomy of Hatha Yoga) is a premier book in the field. Every yoga teacher as well as any health professional or layperson interested in exploring the anatomical and physiological aspects of hatha yoga should own this unique publication.”

—Martha J Greenberg, Ph. D., Doody’s Reviews, reprinted in Choice, May. 2002

As the third millennium begins, Anatomy of Hatha Yoga is the first modern authoritative source that correlates the study of hatha yoga with anatomy and physiology. Yoga teachers, personal trainers, medical therapists, or anyone who is curious or troubled about how the body responds to stretching and exercise will find in this book a cornucopia—partly new and partly old—of readable and reliable information. It was written and edited to meet the needs of a general audience largely unschooled in the biomedical sciences, and yet to attract and challenge the interests of medical professionals.

—Body and Breath Inc, 2001

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