Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide


Back Pain Relief: The Ultimate Guide

A comprehensive Pain Management Program

More than 100 Physical and Mental Means of Pain Relief

By Robert H. Miller & Christine A. Opie

Paperback: 304 pages

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BACK PAIN RELIEF: The Ultimate Guide grew out f one such back pain sufferer’s search for relief. Written from a patient’s perspective, this state-of-the-art program addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of dealing with chronic pain… The authors have gathered in one book a wealth of invaluable information on chronic back pain—its cause and its relief—into a comprehensive program.

“By picking up and reviewing this text, not only can patients with chronic low back pain identify and learn from someone who has transcended the problem, but, moreover, they can use its specific instructions to integrate these same successful pain management strategies into their own treatment armamentarium.”

—DR. WILLIAM BROSE, Former Director, Stanford University Pain Management Center

BACK PAIN RELIEF: The Ultimate Guide teaches such pain management skills as:

  • Goal setting & accomplishment
  • The best back pain relief exercises
  • Feldenkrais & Somatics
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • How to deal with stressors & emotions causing back pain • Acupressure & Reflexology


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