Full Body Flexibility


Full-body Flexibility

For optimal mobility and strength

By Jay Blahnik

Paperback: 204 pages

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“Full-Body Flexibility is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to make substantial gains in physical health. Jay Blahnik’s comprehensive, in-depth, and easy-to-apply strategy combined with range of motion recommendations result in a refreshing understanding and goal-oriented approach to improved flexibility that many will find revolutionary.” Kari Anderson American Council on Exeitise fitness director for the year 2003 “Jay Blahnik’s extensive knowledge and teaching experience are evident in the concise and accurate descriptions of the. goals and techniques of the various stretches. This unique book should improve the performance of recreational and competitive athletes, and it will enhance the comfort of nonathletes while they perform daily activities.” Benjamin D. Rubin, MD Team physician, co-chairman, Sports Medicine Committee United States Diving

Release unhealthy tension and tightness from your muscles with an advanced stretching system tailored to how you move! The Full-Body Flexibility system blends the best stretching methods from yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and sports training into stretching sequences that

  • challenge muscles with multiple techniques to attain maximum flexibility,
  • strengthen muscles to support the body in performing specific moves through the entire range of motion, and
  • balance muscles equally in opposing muscle groups and on both sides of the body.


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