Hero’s Contemplation, The


Hero’s Contemplation, The

Yoga in the light of the teachings of Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar

And non-dual Kashmir Saivism

By Christian Pisano

Paperback: 392 pages

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The unknown, invisible hero of the ordinary goes through life like a whisper, pouring out his heart in every moment. At each instant he contemplates the eternally quivering, vibrant wheel of energies. By resting at their source, he remains at the centre of all things, of the Whole, savouring the caress of the Absolute. His contemplation is the reverse flight of the Yogi, the motionless race towards and within the primary wave of energy, the supreme Spanda, source of all activity. A hero stripped of qualities who, at the end of desire and doing, devours all limitations so he may be immersed in the ultimate place of rest, the vibrant Heart of Bhairava. Christian Pisano narrates the intuitive longing that pulsates behind our own personal story. Inspired by the teachings of B.K.S. lyengar and Kashmir Saivism, here at last is a book that places postural practice into the broader subject that is Yoga! It is a comprehensive and remarkable account of teachings, often unknown legends and hidden symbolisms behind the names of asana, accompanied by insightful quotations and wonderful illustrations and pictures. Like a finger that points towards the moon, these precious ingredients point towards the Absolute.

Christian Pisano, an lyengar Yoga practitioner of thirty years, holds an Advanced Teacher’s certificate. Born with a club foot, his handicap, through the mysterious play of life, prompted him to question the essential nature of reality and led him to yoga practice. Whilst in his twenties he lived in Pune, India, for several years to explore the sacred art of Yoga and study under the guidance of his Guru, Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. lyengar. During this period, he also studied philosophy and Sanskrit. Nowadays, Christian teaches with his wife June at their lyengar Yoga Institute in Nice, France.

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