I am Vegan


I am Vegan

Vegan cookbook recipes for Yoga Lovers

By Sammy Hermans

Paperback: 65 pages

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How will this book benefit YOU?

You will:

  • Understand why you need to eat Yoga vegan food,
  • Learn how Yoga vegan food will benefit your health,
  • Find out how Yoga vegan food will give you more energy
  • Get encouraged to change your life in a positive Vegan way,
  • Feel better after reading this book,
  • Digest food better;
  • Start learning what to do to feel better all day,
  • Know what road to take to become happier,
  • Cook cheaper but healthier,
  • Have more confidence when you finished this book to start with Yoga vegan food,
  • Make a switch to your lifestyle in a positive direction,
  • Accomplish a new way of thinking,
  • Motivate yourself to become a better person,
  • Convince other family members to start with Yoga vegan food,
  • Have fun by reading this easy to read Vegan book,
  • Understand why Yoga vegan food can change your life Today in the healthy way.

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