Instructing Hatha Yoga


Instructing Hatha Yoga

By Kathy Lee Kappmeier

Paperback: 338 pages

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Instructing Hatha Yoga describes the qualities and knowledge yoga instructors need in order to be competent and effective teachers. Developed in line with the standards of the Yoga Alliance and its national Yoga Teachers’ Registry, it covers all aspects of successful instruction:

  • Detailed descriptions on how to teach 69 yoga asanas (postures), with more than 300 photos showing the postures
  • Verbal and visual cues to use in teaching each posture
  • Specific hands-on adjustments to help students achieve each posture
  • Modifications for each posture and effective ways to work with students of different abilities in the same class
  • Class outlines, lesson plans, and a sample syllabus
  • Tips for structuring classes in a variety of school and community settings
  • Charts that identify body-segment kinematics and muscles used in individual postures
  • A DVD that shows how to move toward the most accurate positions for a sampling of postures and the hands-on adjustments instructors can make to assist students

With practical and detailed instruction, tips, and tools, this book provides information on how to teach yoga with strategies for working with students of varying abilities. It helps develop the attributes of registered instructors who facilitate students’ learning and awareness in the practice of yoga.

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