A conscious Way of Breathing

By Ranjit Sen Gupta

Hardbound: 142 pages

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Pranayama is the conscious perception and guidance of life energies which unfold self in complex form in the psycho-physical system of all living beings. Pranayama is a system of breath control. Pranayama has several aspects, directly perceptible ones and more subtly hidden ones. Prana manifests itself in body movements, in the metabolism, in sexuality and in all conscious procedures, and shows itself particularly clearly in the act of breathing. This book is for readers living in the modern world of high-tech environment and life style and searching for a soothing opposite pole to the external hectic life in the world of constant and fast changing surroundings to live an inner life in balance and harmony. When we are in a condi-tion of stress, hectic and irritation causing nervousness, then our breath becomes flat and faster. In this state a deep and steady breathing, consciously done for at least few minutes, brings relief and relaxation. This is a simple act of Pranayama. The present book introduces us intelligently to the basic breathing practices and describes the fundamental aspects of their psycho-physiology.

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