Taoist Yoga and Chi Kung


Taoist Yoga and Chi Kung

For Good Health, Better Sex and Longer Life

By Eric Steven Yudelove

Paperback: 312 pages

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Just 15 minutes a day of the 14-week course, improve your life in an unbelievable way

Better health, good sex and increased longevity can be yours when you follow this course in Taoist Yoga and Chi Kung. Developed in ancient China, these authentic Taoist exercises will help you live over 100 years:

  • Prolong sexual pleasure and increase the flow of energy between you and your partner
  • Become more flexible and stronger
  • Detoxify your organs and glands
  • Achieve a free flow of Chi through your Energy Meridians Improve your memory and concentration
  • Strengthen your immunity and adaptability to the environment
  • Tone and beautify your face Improve your vision, hearing, sense of smell and digestion — as well as your stamina.

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