Therapeutic Yoga


Dr Ali & Jiwan Brar Therapeutic Yoga

Boost your body’s healing powers with this revolutionary yoga programme

By Dr Ali & Jiwan Bar

Paperback: 144 pages

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Yoga has long been recognised in the West as an excellent form of exercise. As practised by the masters, however, yoga is not simply a series of postures but an all-embracing therapy. Encompassing diet, massage, relaxation and meditation as well as the physical poses, this more complete form of yoga can be used by anyone to treat a wide range of health problems, both physical and emotional.

Written by celebrity doctor and best-selling author Dr Ali and e of the UK most respected yoga practitioners, Jiwan Brar, Therapeutic Yoga enables everyone to harness these healing powers. It is packed with practical advice and clear step-by-step colour photography, showing you how to:

Boost Your all-round, everyday well-being, with yoga, diet and massage

Diagnose and treat through yoga many common ailments, including headaches and migraine, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, high blood pressure, backache, irritable bowel syndrome and infertility

Follow a simple Healthy Living Programme for optimum health

Following on from the best-selling Integrated Health Bible and Dr Ali’s Ultimate Back Book, this is the definitive guide to using yoga for health, from one of the UK’s best-known complementary practitioners.


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