Thinking Body, The


Thinking Body, The

A Study of the Balancing Forces of Dynamic Man

By Mabel E. Todd

Paperback: 314 pages

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The Thinking Body originally published in 1937, is a classic in the study of human physiology and the effect of physiological and metal processes on human movement. Todd was far ahead of her time in seeing the relationship between thought and movement. Since its publication in 1968 THE THINKING BODY has been recognized as a profound study of biomechanics, anatomy, kinesiology and physiology, all brought to bear on a study of movement education. The purpose of the book is to re-educate us in our movements, to bring the power of mental and psychological processes to bear on all our physical movements. As Todd herself said, ‘It is as profoundly true that we are as much affected in our thinking by our bodily attitudes as our bodily attitudes are affected in the reflection of our mental and bodily states’.

THE THINKING BODY’s mind/body approach to the study of movement has made it a favourite of dancers, students of motor development, and all those concerned with questions of human fitness.

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