Yoga for Healthy bones



Yoga for healthy bones 

A woman’s guide

By Linda Sparrowe & Patricia Walden

Paperback: 145 pages


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This book offers a complete program of yoga poses designed for bone health, new medical information on diet and lifestyle, and instruction on meditation and breathing techniques that strengthen and restore energy. Yoga sequences are designed for:

  • Preventing injuries
  • Building strength
  • Releasing tension
  • Increasing range of motion Elongating the spine
  • Building stability and bal-ance 0 Increasing flexibility
  • Relaxing deeply

Linda Sparrowe has written numerous articles on women’s health, herbs, and complementary medicine, as well as on yoga and Pilates. She is the former managing editor of Yoga Journal and is now a contributing editor. She is also author of Yoga Journal’s, book Yoga, featuring the beauty of yoga poses.

Patricia Walden is one of America’s foremost yoga teachers and, according to Time magazine, “the best yoga teacher in the world.” She is a long-time student of B. K. S. lyengar and is recognized as one of his senior representatives in the U.S. She is regularly featured in Yoga Journal and is also the instructor on • a videotape series called “Yoga Journal’s Yoga Practice Series,” which has sold well over a million copies. She travels and teaches yoga all over the world.

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