Yoga for the Inside Out



Yoga from the Inside Out

Making Peace with your Body Through Yoga

By Christina Sell

Paperback: 158 pages

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Discover Anusara Yoga and learn what modern Yoga has almost forgotten — that you are enough, just as you are!

What does “making peace with the body” really mean, and how can that transform the rest of your life? How do you integrate your physical practice with inner body awareness and a deep connection to the heart?

Toga from the Inside Out is perhaps the most important and inspiring book on the philosophy of hatha yoga, which it elevates to a spiritual art of self-love and acceptance that can transform your self-image.

—JOHN FRIEND, founder of Anusara Yoga

Christina Sell reminds us that practicing yoga is so much more than just postures and breathing. It is a deeply personal journey back home to ourselves and it takes us from self-doubt and judgment to self-acceptance and joy.

­-JUDITH HANSON LASATER, PH. D. author: Living Your Yoga, and Relax and Renew

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