Mirror of Yoga, The


Mirror of Yoga, The

Awakening the intelligence of body and mind

By Richard Freeman

Hard cover: 242 pages

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This book contains everything that I have wanted to say and everything that I wish I knew that I had wanted to say Richard Freeman once again proves that he is superhuman and yet knows everything about being human and knows how to teach us to draw out the nectar of life with this evolving art of yoga.” Rodney Yee

At last. here is an exposé on the most vital and dynamic themes relevant to the yoga practice. Richard has the unique and entirely delightful ability to speak to the intricacies, the paradoxes, the depths and surfaces that belong to the yoga experience. What a great boon that Richard should hold up such a clear mirror for all of us on the yoga path today” Fias Little

“The Mirror of Yoga gives us permission to slow down and get real even as it inspires us to do so. Wryly thought-provoking and genially informative, the text adroitly weaves together the elements of yoga and tantra in a highly accessible and engaging style. delivering depth of knowledge augmented by breadth of impartiality offering a clear reflection of that awareness which frees us from self-supposition. Any yoga student with a sincere interest in understanding the true nature of yoga practice will find this book a rewarding read.” Robert Svoboda

“Freeman takes us on a profound journey into the very core of India’s yogic practices. . An exceptional contribution to modern yoga literature. Highly recommended for all serious yoga practitioners.” — Edwin Bryant. professor of Hindu Religion and Philosophy. Rutgers University

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