Myths of the Asanas


Myths of the Asanas

The stories at the heart of the Yoga Tradition

By Alana Kaivalya

Paperback: 184 pages

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“Alanna and Arjuna moved down an amazing road of story and myth that truly enhances our yogic lessons. Some of the nuances of ethics. posture. breath, and meditation can only be touched through metaphor and mythology and we thank them for taking us on this journey.”

—RODNEY YEE, international yoga instructor

“What I love most about this treasure of a book is that it faithfully reminds me of the roots behind our modern-day approach to yoga. I am truly grateful to Alanna and Arjuna for providing us with such a delightfully accessible handbook on the vibrant history of our practice.”

—RUSTY WELLS, instructor & founder of the Urban Flow yoga studio

“Myths of the Asanas has a lyrical essence that comes forth in its storytelling. –

—ANA FORREST, founder of Forrest Yoga

“Myths of the Asanas transports us to a world where gods and goddesses. saints, and enlightened animals serve as our teachers. Each story reminds us that underneath the many layers of difference essentially, we are One. These inspired tales have the power to transform and revolutionize your yoga.”

—MC YOGI, hip-hop artist & yoga instructor

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