Yoga for the Joy of It


Yoga for the Joy of It

By M.G. Kraines & B.R. Sherman

Paperback: 258 pages

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Yoga for the Joy of It! immerses the beginning yoga student in the practice of yoga by providing accessible information on the history of yoga, its health benefits, and detailed descriptions of the yoga poses. Yoga for the Joy of It! details what to expect in class, what students should wear and bring to class, the correct yoga alignment, and an overview of the history and different styles of yoga. Students will learn how to bring the benefits of yoga practice, breathing, and meditation into daily life.


  • Study Questions at the end of every chapter encourage additional learning.
  • The Yoga Moment in each chapter encourages experiential learning.
  • Student Testimonials.
  • Yoga Science boxes discuss the scientific basis of yoga.
  • Chapters 6 13 provide descriptions of specific yoga poses (asanas), which include Drishti, alignment cues, benefits of the pose, and modifications for making the poses work for you.
  • A Historical Timeline, featured in Chapter 14, illuminates important yoga milestones. • Worksheets included at the end of the text—a health history, flexibility assessment, alignment assessment, and yoga practice and nutrition logs—-allow the teacher to assess the student and the student to track his or her improvement.

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