Art of Breathing, The



A course of 6 simple lessons to improve performance and well being

Tapping the Endless Powers of Breathing

By Nancy Zi

Paperback: 160 pages

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Tapping the endless powers of breathing

This exciting book invites you to learn how to convert your breath into energy. It will show how you can acquire a greater sense of power and balance and sharpen your mental and physical coordination. Twenty-four progressive exercises, specific applications of what you have learned, and mental imagery drills teach you the chi yi method of controlled breathing. As you develop breath awareness, you will find the principles of disciplined breathing moving effortlessly into your daily activities. The results can forever enhance your life.

Many rewards will be yours, in all areas of your daily life, by cultivating the power of chi yi – mental and physical health, energy level, personality, voice, coordination, athletic potential, and more. You will discover how to:

  • Apply chi yi to virtually any endeavour – athletics, theater, singing, yoga, meditation, and more
  • Become more effective and dynamic, learning renewed self-control and assurance to help you excel in your endeavours and attain your goals
  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation as well as combat insomnia and other physical discomforts
  • Find a common centre for your mental and physical movements to produce an aura of poise, grace, and ease
  • Look, feel, and be healthier, and bounce back more quickly from illness
  • Gain increased stamina, coordination, radiance, and general well-being

The First Edition of this book published by Bantam, sold out 3 printings, and was translated into German, Italian, Swedish and Chinese. Due to overwhelming requests by readers, a video, THE ART OF BREATHING, is now available to accompany this Second Edition.

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