Yoga for Transformation


Yoga for Transformation

Ancient teachings and practices for healing the body, mind and heart

By Gary Kraftsow

Paperback: 260 pages

Published: 2002

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While many people use Yoga to improve their physical well-being, the deeper life-enhancing aspects of this rich tradition often remain obscure even to experienced practitioners. In Yoga for Transformation, Gary Kraftsow brings the profound depth of the inner teachings of Yoga into focus, introducing techniques that treat not only the physical body but also the emotions, mind, heart, and soul of the practitioner-the places where real transformation might take place. The book’s detailed and accessible descriptions clearly present a wide range of useful practices that will help improve your

  • ENERGY: breathing to help you regulate your body’s energy
  • INTELLECT: chanting to train and sharpen your intellect and memory
  • EMOTIONS: exercises to help ground you
  • PERSONALITY: meditation to deepen your self-awareness
  • SPIRIT: exercises to help you get in touch with the divine, regardless of your religious tradition and whether or not you believe in a god

“This is one of the most cogent, succinct, and accessible explications of the basics of yoga that I’ve ever encountered.” – Todd Jones, senior editor. Yoga Journal

“Gary is a gifted teacher and this book is a remarkable fountain of information which makes the practice and theory of yoga simple without being simplistic. Buy this book, but more impor­tantly, apply it to your life!” -Baron Baptiste, author of Journey into Power

Dedicated to strengthening the whole self-body, mind, and spirit-Yoga for Transforma­tion opens up the riches of an ancient tradition and provides a practical approach to enriching your inner life.

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