Yoga of Heart


Yoga of Heart

The Healing Power of Intimate Connection

By Mark Whitwell

Paperback: 222 pages

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“In ancient dark times yoga tantra flourished as the means by which ordinary folk absorb the nurturing force of Life. Yoga is strength receiving, the male surrender to the feminine.”

Welcome to Mark Whitwell’s Yoga of Heart. In these yoga talks, Mark takes us back to the time when yoga was first developed, a time before hierarchical religion, a time before so-called God-men, a time before the feminine element had been stripped away. He guides us into the shamanic past of the Upanishads, when God and truth were known to be present everywhere, in everything. When yoga was practiced as a way of acknowledging, enjoying and participating in the source of Life.

Mark Whitwell first met T. K. V. Desikachar in 1973, and through him studied the teachings of renowned yoga master Professor T. Krishnamacharya. Mark has absorbed the lives and teachings of known and unknown masters—those few who did not exploit others with doctrine as a power mechanism, but offered sincere and mutual friendship as the, natural transformative means: from the Dalai Lama to Ramana Maharshi, from the great Nityananda to the two Krishnamurtis, J. and U. G.

Yoga of Heart is the distillation of this wisdom and learning, not readily available elsewhere. Mark presents it here in renewed form, made relevant in our time This book will provide the context in which to practice your own yoga, the yoga that is right for you. You will see that your life is a profound nurturing force already Given. The union that we seek has already happened, and yoga is the mind’s link to that union: the yoga of body, and intimacy.

—David Hurwitz

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