Mastering the secrets of matter and the universe

By Alain Danielou

Paperback: 200 pages

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It is by studying the microcosm that we can understand the macrocosm; it is through our own impermanent being that we can reach the Universal Being. It is in the cavern of our heart that we can realize the immensity of spaces, and by controlling our own vital rhythms that we can escape the power of time. It is by reaching the source of life that we can escape the power of death. It is by exploring the unknown spheres within ourselves that we can visit the celestial and infernal worlds.  -The Author

One of the most distinguished living Orientalists, Alain Danielou spent more than twenty years In India studying music and philosophy with eminent pandits of the Hindu tradition. In this book he gives a fully authentic account – based entirely on original published and unpublished Sanskrit sources – of the methods of Yoga in its different forms, including techniques of the more challenging “left-hand” paths. Of special interest is his insight into the unique requirements and capacities of today’s aspirant and the specific practices appropriate to Western students. Danielou is also the author of the acclaimed Gods of India, Shiva and Dionysus, and While the Gods Play.


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