Clinical Pearls of Wisdom


Clinical Pearls of Wisdom

21 Leading Therapist offer their key insights

By Michael Kerman

Paperback: 264 pages

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SEASONED THERAPISTS OFTEN FIND that their best work relies on a few tried-and-true methods or approaches that they have honed over years of clinical practice. Here, finally, is a book that contains just these clinical “pearls” of wisdom, from the field’s leading practitioners. Organized around the most common presenting problems—from anxiety and depression to trauma and grief—this book has no theoretical orientation or bias; it contains simply those strategies and techniques that will help you the most in your practice. The book features:

  • Pat Ogden, Bill O’Hanlon, and Michael Stone on depression
  • Dusty Miller, Diana Fosha, and Babette Rothschild on trauma
  • Reid Wilson and Margaret Wehrenberg on anxiety
  • Kenneth Doka, Robert Neimeyer, and Sameet Kumar on grief
  • Sue Johnson, Carolyn Daitch, and Evan lmber-Black on working with couples
  • Dan Hughes, Lenore Terr, and Aurcen Wagner on working with children
  • Janet Sasson Edgette, Martha Straus, and David Wexler on working with adolescents • David Wallin on the therapist’s attachment patterns.

Full of insight and practicality, Clinical Pearls of Wisdom is essential reading for all therapists.

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