Science of Flexibility


Science of Flexibility

By Michael Alter

Hardbound: 376 pages

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Science of Flexibility has long been considered the leading reference on the topic, and this new edition reaffirms that status. No other book covers these concepts and principles better. Based on the latest research, this completely revised and updated edition includes five new chapters, nearly doubling the content. These chapters discuss

  • the hypermobility of joints,
  • joint manipulation and chiropractic adjustment,
  • controversial stretches,
  • the relationship of stretching and special populations, and
  • the functionality of stretching and flexibility for specific sports and health conditions.

With more than 1,400 scholarly and professional references and over 200 illustrations, photos, and tables, Science of Flexibility is invaluable for exercise scientists, health/fitness professionals, athletic trainers, sport physical therapists and chiropractors, massage therapists, instructors and practitioners of dance, yoga, and the martial arts.

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