Yoga Beats Asthma


Yoga beats Asthma

The safe and effective approach to relieve and control asthma

By Stella Weller

Paperback: 188 pages

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What makes Weller’s book particularly valuable to asthma sufferers is its two-fold approach: the first half of the book presents an extensive account of asthma — its symptoms, various treatments and their side effects; the second half of the book offers detailed descriptions of specific yoga exercises.

Marie E. Faughnan, MD., ER.C.PC, Division of Respiratory Medicine, St Michael’s Hospital Toronto

Contrary to popular belief, asthma is a reversible condition that need not be exclusively treated with drugs; indeed, recent clinical studies have shown yoga to be a valuable resource for combating this serious condition. Yoga Beats Asthma shows you how to use your own natural resources to take control of this disorder. Yoga works by strengthening the respiratory system and giving you the mental tools to control your breathing and anxiety during an attack.

  • Step-by-step exercises to strengthen the respiratory system
  • Invaluable advice on how to identify and avoid asthma triggers
  • Simple relaxation techniques to overcome anxiety and panic during an attack
  • Effective tools to control an attack and prevent it from becoming severe
  • Clear explanation of the respiratory system and what causes asthma
  • Detailed advice on how to combine yoga with conventional medical treatments

Suitable for newcomers to yoga, young or old, Yoga Beats Asthma is a vital resource for anybody who wants to control asthma rather than be controlled by it.

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